The Shed – A Cool New Hangout for Musicians

The Shed 1480 is a member based musician’s club with luxurious amenities based out of Highland Park. Generally, bands practice in a garage or unfinished basement with little or no temperature control, limited space and family members or neighbors who may complain about the noise. This is where The Shed comes in as a major upgrade for groups looking to improve their practicing experience.

Three soundproofed rooms are fully equipped with enough instruments, amps, drum sets, keyboards, microphones and PA systems necessary for most any band rehearsal. The first of these rooms is an open lounge primarily for jamming or performing in front of a small group, whereas the other two are enclosed if you wish to shut the doors. The enclosed room in the middle of The Shed features a professional studio with full mixing board, PC, and necessary equipment for recording. Two additional rooms without amplified equipment are also accessible for lounging or acoustic sessions.

The building can be hard to find on your first trip out because modern GPS systems including Google Maps leave you about two blocks away from the actual entrance. The trick is that immediately after you pass over the train tracks, you will turn into the first industrial road which will be marked with a large boulder. Once you find the location, you will be blown away by this hip hangout spot for musicians to rehearse, jam, network and record.

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