The Westfield Mall by: Anna H.

Are you having trouble looking for something to do on vacation in Lake County? Well, the Westfield Hawthorn Mall is the place for you and here are my reasons why! It is located in Lake County, Vernon Hills, IL.

To begin with, the Westfield Mall has a lot of stores for shopping, electronics and just about anything you might need. One reason to go shopping there might be if you have electronics that need to be fixed there is a Radio Shack store or if you would like to buy electronics you could go there and check that out too. The second reason why you should go shopping at the mall is because there is a lot of stores where you can buy clothes, shoes and many other things. The third reason you should visit the mall is because you can shop at Barnes & Noble store to buy books you enjoy or you can even buy books for a present for someone.

In addition, at the Westfield Mall there are many restaurants provided that are convenient, so you can eat when you are tired from all the walking in the mall. The food there is quick and brilliant. Sometimes if the line is short you can have your food in about 5-10 minutes. Next if you are in a hurry, there are fast food places such as McDonalds or Taco Bell. Finally, if you are tired and hungry the food can be a snack for you or even a meal.

Lastly, Westfield Mall has splendid rides to try. One example that you should try is the train ride, you could explore all sorts of things around the entire mall. The second example that you should try is the fun moving rides! They move back and forth! The last example is that there is a place for kids to play, so if you have a sibling that is little, they would enjoy this fun place.

To end with, I strongly recommend that you go to the Westfield Mall while on vacation in Lake County, because the stores are splendid and fantastic, great for fixing and buy electronics and the food is amazing. Spend your vacation at Westfield Hawthorn Mall and enjoy!

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