Tips to a Fantastic Visit to Six Flags Great America

Columbia Carousel at Six Flags Great America

Columbia Carousel at Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Great America is a popular summer activity for many families and teens. I try to get to the theme park several times during the summer to relive my youth, to stay young and experience the thrills of 14 world-class roller coasters. I personally always head to the back of the park first and hit those coasters first and work my way to the front, knowing that Superman will be busy no matter what time of day I try to ride it. I have found I am able to get on more rides doing it that way than starting at the front right away with the first coaster I come across. Well, we are half way through summer and Six Flags has launched a list of 8 tips to make the experience more enjoyable. The park recommends that you plan your rides, meals attire and schedule ahead of time, so that you’ll spend your visit having fun and not planning.

1. Take a photo of your parking space.
After a long day of thrills, you don’t want to wander around the parking lot trying to find your vehicle. Take a photo of your spot and surrounding area, including light posts and signs, when you arrive so you’ll know what to look for when you’re ready to leave.

2. Pack light.
You probably don’t want to carry around a heavy backpack all day, and most large bags can’t be taken on rides with you. Keep your belongings to a minimum and only bring the necessities for the day. If you do end up bringing more than you can carry, all-day locker rentals are available for your convenience to store your items for the entire day for a small fee.

3. Dress comfortably.
Review the park dress code and the weather before you come so you can dress accordingly. Remember that inappropriate clothing will not be allowed into the park. You’ll also want to wear comfortable clothes and shoes so you can move around easily all day. Additionally, don’t forget your sun protection! The hot summer sun can be a burden on your day, so be sure to bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and plenty of water so you can stay protected.

4. Plan a meeting spot.
Whether you’re traveling with one buddy or a large group, it’s important to point out an easy-to-find location to meet up if you get separated. You’ll save yourself the panic if you just head to that spot and wait for the others to find you. You can also designate specific times during the day for your group to meet up and check in so you can ensure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Family Eating at Six Flags Great America / Hurricane Harbor

Family Eating at Six Flags Great America / Hurricane Harbor

5. Save time during meals.
Plan your meals so you can eat in a timely manner and move on to the next big thrill. Plan to eat lunch and dinner at non-traditional hours, like earlier or later than usual, so you can beat the mealtime rush. You can also buy and print your meal vouchers online in advance, so you can decide what to order and not have to worry about payment at the park. Click here to learn more about meal vouchers.

6. Pick up a park map and show guide to plan your day.
It’s ideal to have a game plan for the day so you don’t wander around aimlessly. Use the park map to figure out where all your favorite attractions are, and determine the quickest way to get to them. You may want to conquer all your favorite rides first so you can make sure you get to experience them. You should also pick up a show guide so you don’t miss any of the fun entertainment.

7. Head to the water park early.
If you want to soak up the sun at Hurricane Harbor, make sure you arrive at the water park early to reserve your space. We have a limited number of shaded cabanas, relaxing lounge chairs, life jackets, and tubes available on a first-come, first-serve basis for you to enjoy.

8. Stop by the character stages.
Our character stages will tell you exactly which times the Looney Tunes characters will be appearing. Stop by their locations at select times to meet and greet your favorite characters.

What tips would you give a visitor who is visiting Six Flags Great America for the first time?

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