Tour Haunted Volo Museum Grounds Investigated by Discovery Channel's Ghost Lab

Volo in 1848

With its rich history, dating back to some of the earliest towns in the country, it’s no wonder that Lake County offers so many ghost stories.  But one has actually caught the eye of the Discovery Channel and now you can experience it too.

Wallace H. Gale – Photo from     

Volo’s Haunted Trolley Tour
Wallace H. Gale served as a soldier in the Civil War, and is said to still be walking the grounds around Volo Auto Museum and Antique Malls.  Experiences of guests and workers have happened so often, that Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab decided to investigate the claims.

…No one could have predicted what they’d find.

The professional ghost investigators were able to record a shadow figure that seemed to be resting on a piece of furniture.  The same shadow that is believed to be the ghost of soldier, Wallace H. Gale.

Come see for yourself the proof that the investigative team recovered, and maybe even find a little proof of your own!  Explore the farmland surrounding Volo Auto Museum that dates back to 1800, on a family friendly Haunted Trolley Tour and be sure to keep a look out for the ghosts of Civil War soldiers!  Get your tickets here!


About Volo’s Haunted History

Video of Shadow Man Investigation at Volo Auto Museum

Several very spooky photos have also been taken by visitors to the museum, that include outlines of people outside of a window… which is usually okay… but not when you’re on the 4th floor of a building!  Guests have reported seeing reflections of a man in a mirror that wasn’t really there, footsteps and children laughing in an empty room.  See what ghostly moments await you at Volo Auto Museum!   See why ghost investigators from all over the world make their way to Volo Auto Museum!

See full list of ghost photos and hear more EVPs here!

Even Brian Grams, who was raised on the property, talks about how they originally thought his grandfather was haunting the property… but after finding a backpack full of Civil War items that had been buried in the floorboards, due to a mysterious fire in that very location, he began to wonder who the real shadow man was…

“The woman had seen a man dressed in a civil war uniform, but no one else was really there? Could we have been wrong and its not my grandfather that’s haunting the property and actually this young man that lived in the home and died fighting in the civil war?”  Brian Grams

Ghost encounter witness Terri Rolewick has also written about her encounter.  She recalls a moment she came face to face with Civil War Soldier in the Antique Mall.  She thought that he was part of the

“I was startled by a young man crouched over looking at a music box. He was wearing what looked like an old time soldier uniform with a forage or service style hat…I wondered if Volo was putting on some sort of show and maybe this guy was in costume. He never looked at me but and just kept looking at the music box as it played. He wasn’t threatening at all but for some reason I felt very uneasy and went to find my husband.”  – Terry Rolewick

If you’re looking for a ghost encounter, then you can’t miss their Haunted Barn.  This location is considered to be one of the most haunted spots in Illinois!  Hear the voice of a ghost that has been captured on audio tape, on location at the Volo Antique Mall Barn!  Listen closely to hear a ghost who wants to know “who’s there?”, and another voice that answers, “Me”!  Listen here

Watch the Episode



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