Video of Goliath Construction at Six Flags Great America

I recently had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour of the construction of Six Flags Great America’s newest coaster, Goliath. From the pictures I’ve seen, I knew this thing was going to be massive but when I saw it in person, it was way more incredible than I could have imagined!

This wooden coaster will be the world’s fastest tallest and steepest coaster in the world, dropping riders 180 feet almost straight down into a tunnel at speeds of 72 miles per hour. This wooden coaster will also go upside down and featured inverted turns and two more  underground tunnels. Yes, I said twice.

Photo from Six Flags Great America Facebook Page

One thing is clear… this beast certainly isn’t the same as other wooden roller coaster.  Goliath is promising to be a totally different experience.

The park will open on May 3 for operation, with Goliath slated to open in late spring and I can’t wait to ride this incredible coaster!  Check out the progress so far when you stop by the park.  Goliath is located where Iron Wolf was and the park is using the old Iron Wolf station for the Goliath station.

Here is a video of my behind the scenes visit that will give you a feel for what it is going to be like.

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