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At Visit Lake County, it’s our job to get as much information about what is going on in Lake County through as many outlets as we can so that the information reaches our audience.

To achieve this, we utilize various social media outlets outside of our website homepage including: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, this blog, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. The links to all of our social media pages can be found on the home page header of

For this blog entry, I’m going to focus on the Big 3: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Our Facebook page may update a couple of times per day with key events, stories, locations or just friendly conversation about Lake County. Facebook users generally read updates at least once a day, thus they enjoy reading new information, but don’t mind waiting twenty-four hours to get it.

Our Twitter page on the other hand updates the most frequently out of our social media outlets since a RSS news feed scrolls through new articles within seconds. Information posted on Twitter has a short lifecycle so users frequently check updates multiple times per day. These social media users typically like their information as up to date as possible and given to them in quick buzz words.

The Visit Lake County Youtube page posts video blogs highlighting a particular location or event and gives visual insight that goes beyond print. We usually try to add a couple of video blogs per month since a visual demonstration does an excellent job of showing our audience what to expect before leaving their house. Youtube users prefer to do research before making a decision and enjoy a visual demonstration to help support their choice.

No matter which kind of social media is right for you, Visit Lake County has the options available to meet your most convenient needs!

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