We are Dirty Girls!

We did it! We survived the Dirty Girl Mud Run at the Lake County Fairgrounds on 6/30/12! What an amazing experience for all of us!

When we arrived at 8am on Saturday morning we were instantly shocked to see the thousands of people who had beat us to the punch.  There was music playing, teams screaming, fans cheering, and a heck of a lot of hype to get us pumped up for our 9am start time.  After checking in at the registration area to get our Dirty Girl t-shirts and charm necklaces we gathered our team for some “clean” photos before the mud.

After some quick stretches and hugs to our family members we worked our way to the starting line.  The level of excitement we shared waiting for the countdown to begin was remarkable!  We were singing and dancing at the starting line with our teammates and all of the other women in the 9am wave.  And then, it was time!  We took off running with all the spirit and courage in the world.  When we reached our first obstacle we knew it was time to get dirty!  We stepped in feet first and then dropped to our elbows and knees in about 6 inches of mud and water and then Army crawled our way through the 20ft length pit.  From then on, we were covered from head to toe in wet mud! It was awesome and quite hysterical!

We continued to press onward conquering the remaining 10 obstacles  including the hale bale climb, more army mud crawls, wire nets, tires, the wall, mud hills, extremely high rope net and finally the muddiest, longest mud crawl of all.

We crossed the finish line with the biggest, dirtiest smiles on our faces! What an amazing experience we shared with over 10,000 people at the Lake County Fairgrounds!  We will never forget the fun we had and the accomplishment we shared together.  We can’t wait to do it all over again next year in Lake County!

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