Westfield Hawthorn Mall by: Rebecca M. at the Hawthorn Elementary North School in Vernon Hills

Have you ever been to a mall with over 140 stores all at once? If not, you should visit the Westfield Hawthorn Mall in Vernon Hills! The mall has dozens of stores to choose from. Not only can you shop, you can take a train ride around the mall. You can also go into the booths and do fun activities like take pictures and get hair accessories. If you get tired and hungry from all the shopping you can always get a bite at the cafeteria or the food court. There are yummy foods and restaurants to choose from.

The mall offers so many different types of stores. There are stores for men, women, teens, kids, weddings, hair, spas, candy , ice cream, scrap-booking, crafts and so many more. If you want the little ones to have fun too, take them to Imagination Castle. The Imagination Castle is a play area made just for kids. There are many activities that kids like to do. It is like an indoor playground.

The mall is located at 122 Hawthorn Center in Vernon Hills, IL. It is open for kids of all ages (and adults), so everyone will have a good time. The hours are Monday through Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 11am-6pm, so you can always fit in an adventure to the mall any day of the week.

You should really take a visit to the Westfield Hawthorn Mall. Everyone will find something they like to do, especially if you are looking for a day of fun and excitement. 


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