WhirlyBall by: Jared R. from the Hawthorn Elementary School in Vernon Hills

Have you ever played lacrosse, hockey, basketball, with bumper cars at the same time? If not, then Whirlyball is the place to go!

You should visit Whirlyball in Vernon Hills because it is a once in a lifetime experience. Also, not only can you play Whirlyball, you can play laser tag. You do have to be 12 to play Whirlyball, but what a great way to celebrate a 12th birthday.

First of all, Whirlyball is a great experience because you can’t go anywhere else but in Illinois to find one. This exceptional sport is so thrilling because you combine 3 sports in one. Unlike the ones you play in gym class, this one has 5-6 people and you only play with one ball instead of 3. It is two teams against each other with one red basket and one yellow basket. I guarantee you will be an all-star.

Sadly kids under the age of 12 cannot play, but there are things for you to do like laser tag. Laser tag is a game where you have 2 teams becoming agents on one another and you have a a gun that shoots laser but they don’t hurt .  There are 4 rounds in laser tag, but you have 2 rounds on each team.

Last but not least, you should go to Whirlyball because it is a great way to celebrate your 12th or any birthday, or go enjoy any day of the year. You should head up to Whirlyball this weekend.

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