Winder Wonderland Light Show by: Gavin G. & Morgan G.

On Thursday night, December 13th, 2012, my family and I went to the Vernon Hills Winter Wonderland Light show, which is a family tradition for us.  We went to Portillo’s in Vernon Hills for dinner and then to the light show at Winter Wonderland at the Cuneo mansion.  It had billions of lights!  It was very fun.

We have been going there ever since I was born.  When we are in there we listen to the radio station with Christmas music.  My favorite lights were the big Santa and counting the snowmen.  Every time you go they change the number of snowman cutouts and you have to count them and see if you get the right number at the end.  We always get it right but this time we were three short!  They must have been hidden well.

My little sister loves all the lights.  There are tons of characters from kid’s movies and cartoons like Shrek, SpongeBob, and Phineas and Ferb.  There was also a hunchback guy that looked like the monster from The Goonies!  This year there was no snow but it still looked pretty.  They had these awesome new light rainbow rods hanging from the tree that I thought were cool.  It was a very fun night and it’s cheap, only $5 during the week for the whole car.  I look forward to going every year with my family.

By: Gavin G. & Morgan G.

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