2016 Kid’s Guide to Six Flags Great America

Like adults, the young whipper snappers
Memorial Day Weekend at Six Flagshave their own 2016 kid’s guide to Six Flags Great America.

What’s better than your little tike uncontrollably laughing when zipping by in the Whizzer or Little Dipper. Maybe they’ve finally graduated in height enabling them to be tall enough to take the Goliath challenge.

It could be that you’re trying to conquer your fear of coasters, which have your children ultimately saying – ‘Why was I so scared anyway, this is the best!’


Whatever it may be, come help celebrate, as the JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis ride will be unveiled to the world on Memorial Day Weekend.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis is an interactive 4D thrill ride that has been voted “Best New Product” by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions!

This fantastic thrill ride was named by USA Today readers as one of the Top Ten New Amusement Park Attractions of the year and awarded Best New Attraction by Theme Park Insider. This is a can’t miss thrill ride to add to your list when you visit the park!

You may be asking what is this ride? Learn more at:

The Details

  •  Prices for kids vary based on height.  Because kids 48″ and under can’t ride every ride, their entry is cheaper.  (See Price Details Here)
  • While there are plenty of rides that do not have a height restriction, Great America’s more exciting rides often come with a height minimum to help keep kids safe.  Here are just a few popular rides and the height restrictions to keep in mind while planning your day at the park!


The Viper

The Viper

Here are the various heights you have to write complete with each coaster name.

36” with adult and 42” to ride alone: Whizzer, Little Dipper, Roaring Rapids, River Rocker, Spacely’s Sprocket Rockets

42”: Demon, Orbit

42” with adult and 48” to ride alone:  Condor, Dare Devil Dive

The Demon

The Demon

48”: Viper, Giant Drop, American Eagle, Goliath, THE DARK KNIGHT Coaster

54”: BATMAN the Ride, SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight, X-Flight, Raging Bull, King Chaos, Revolution, Vertical Velocity

Rides with no height restrictions: Splish-Splash Zone, Castaway Creek, Buccaneer Bay and several more!

Also – besides JUSTICE LEAGUE, Hurricane Harbor will open for the summer the weekend of Memorial Day.

Here are a few other things going on the calendar of the 2016 Kid’s Guide to Six Flags Great America:

Continue here for other featured events, special group and educational events!

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