2018 Marriott Theatre Schedule

“There’s no business like show business like no business I know. Everything about it is appealing, everything that traffic will allow, nowhere could you get that happy feeling when you are stealing that extra bow.”

You guessed it. The 2018 Marriott Theatre schedule has been released and we are geeked about it!

This season the Lincolnshire theatre features a slew of big exciting shows, thrilling dances, great storytelling and some of the most enchanting music ever written for the center stage.

Don’t forget to check out Newsies (Oct. 25-Dec. 31) and Sleeping Beauty (Nov. 10-Dec. 31) to complete your 2017 season!

Remember “it’s bad luck to say good luck on opening night.” Let’s visit Lincolnshire and see what the 2018 Marriott Theatre schedule has to offer.

Ragtime the Musical (opens January 24)

“His Name was Coalhouse Walker,” and the musical is called Ragtime. Take a ride in your Delorean as the early 20th-century story follows three groups in New York. The trio of diverse backgrounds include stories about  African Americans during the Harlem Reinassaince, the experiences of upper-class suburbanites from New Rochelle and the journey of Eastern European immigrants to the U.S. The original production from 1998 was the winner of four Tony awards including best original score. Head to the Lincolnshire peanut gallery to see this sweeping musical portrait of America!

The Emperor’s New Clothes (February 23-May 13) For Kids

A set of new threads for Masterkid theatre is a must for The Emperor’s New Clothes. Attendees will tap into the minds of the ingenious creators of the musical Seussical (who wrote this play). The story follows Marcus the Third, a nervous 14-year-old boy who is apprehensive about taking over the throne. He decides that the only way he will gain the confidence to rule is by dressing lavishly. He entrusts a swindler who promises to make magic clothes. The message your kids will learn is the important lesson about outward appearance.



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Rodgers & Hammerstein’s OKLAHOMA! (Opens April 11)

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the legendary American classic OKLAHOMA! Fall in love again with your favorite characters again, Curly McLain and Laurey Williams.  and the tale of the American frontier. The musical hit Broadway in 1943 and has graced over 2,200 stages. Rodgers & Hammerstein won a Pulitzer Prize for this show and it became an Academy Award-winning film adaptation in 1955.

Murder for Two (Opens July 3)

The perfect blend of music, mayhem and murder! Murder for Two is a hilarious mystery starring just two actors: one a suspicious sleuth and the other…who is the rest of the cast? All of the suspects and the murderer are interpreted by one other actor who swaps guises, accents and so much more throughout the musical. Guess what, both can play the piano too! One fateful night a small town cop named Officer Marcus Moscowicz investigates a surprise birthday party of the great American novelist Arthur Whitney. Visit the Lincolnshire theatre to find out whodunnit!

Pinkalicious the Musical (July 14-August 12) For Kids

It’s everything you think it is, except pinker. Pinkalicious is a kiddie tale based on the book written by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann donning the same title. The story follows a young girl (yes her name is Pinkalicious) who is obsessed with pink cupcakes. Unfortunately, the child is diagnosed with ‘pinkitis’ where her skin changes to her favorite color. Only Pinkalicious can figure out how to reverse the curse.

Sweet Charity (Opens September 5)

‘Hey big spender, spend a little time’ at the Lincolnshire theater for ‘fun, fun, laughs, laughs, and a good time, good time.’ Based on the screenplay for Nights of Cabiria, the tale takes the peanut gallery through the romantic trials and tribulations of an optimistic dance hall hostess. On it’s Broadway premiere in 1966, the New York-set musical earned nine Tony Awards.

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Shrek the Musical (October 5-December 30) For Kids

All of the favorites, Shrek the Ogre, Fiona, Donkey and a host of other storybook characters grace the stage. The story follows a crotchety green ogre who only wants to live in solitude and away from his neighbors like the three little pigs, three blind mice, the gingerbread man and a slew of other characters that continuously wander onto his property. The king recruits Shrek to save the princess (from a Rapunzel-like tower) from a fire-breathing dragon and bring her to safety so she can be royally wed. Follow Shrek and Donkey on their hi-jinks journey to deliver Fiona to the castle in this fun-filled all-ages show.

Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn (November 7-January 6)

The Holiday Inn is a staple for the holiday season. Featuring famous gems from legendary composer Irving Berlin like White Christmas, Easter Parade and Happy Holiday, this is a story of Jim who leaves the song and dance world. Jim meets a school teacher who is also talented. Realizing their chemistry and talent, they turn a farmhouse into a venue for fantastic performances to celebrate every holiday from Thanksgiving to the Fourth of July. Bask in nostalgia throughout this classic at the Lincolnshire theatre.

For more information about the 2018 Marriott Theatre Schedule, continue here.

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