Batman Backwards is Intense

I got to ride Batman Backwards last week Thursday, during their Media Day event. And, let me tell you, it was definitely intense! It was a totally different experience going backwards. Now, I usually do not scream in fear when I am on roller coasters, but going backwards on Batman, I screamed like a little girl. I have always loved going on Batman since I was a youngster and was one of the rides I would rush too when I got to the park, that and Raging Bull. When you ride forward on a coaster you know where you are going, but backwards you have no idea.

Leaving the platform was not that bad, going up the hill was worse than I originally thought. From the ground it does not appear to be as steep of an incline as some of the other coasters have, but when you are going up, you are looking directly back at the ground. Seeing people we know standing on the ground watching and waving at us, I did not want to let go, but I did and waved back to them. They looked so small standing there watching us. The coolest view is when you hit the top of the incline and can see the whole ride, you are only there for about a second or two so take in the moment quickly. Then it is a fast 90 seconds back to the bat cave. The twists and turns where pretty sweet backwards, but going upside down backwards is definitely not for me. I will admit, that freaked me out a little bit. Otherwise, I have to say that riding backwards was a pretty amazing experience. Now, people have asked me, did you get dizzy or anything after it? My co-worker and I both said that our equalibrium was off. I would probably not ride it back to back, but it is something that I will go back to Six Flags this summer and ride again. I am hearing that it is only going to be going backwards for a short time, so I will head back pretty soon. I would encourage everyone to get there soon as well, to ride backwards before they turn forward again. I would recommend when getting to the park, to either ride Batman Backwards or Raging Bull first as both of them will have long lines.

With that, here is me screaming loudly on Batman Backwards! Like I said at the end of the ride, “That was Awesome!”

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