Exercising at the Fitness Center at the Libertyville Sports Complex

Most New Year’s resolutions include something about exercising more and being in better shape. We are 3 weeks into January and some people have signed up for a gym membership and others are still waiting to act on their resolution. There are so many questions people ask themselves, “Do I have enough time to workout?”, “What type of workout should I do?”, “How to I stay motivated and not lose interest?” and there is one fitness center that can help, it is the Fitness Center at the Libertyville Sports Complex. It is a neighborhood fitness center where you can go in for a workout and meet up with friends, but is also known as the “Cheers of Health Clubs”.

I recently had the opportunity to stop by and check it out. The fitness supervisor, Karen Meserve, was really helpful and explained what all the equipment was and what types of exercises I should  start out with and how I can stay motivated throughout the year. The Fitness Center at the Libertyville Sports Complex offers a full range of fitness options, Group Exercise Classes, Personal Training, Free Weight Room, 1/4 Mile Walking / Running Track, kids club and much more.

Check out my video about the Fitness Center and what exercises you should be doing, how you can stay motivated and what an exercise class is like.

– Anthony

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