Exploring Lake Zurich's Paulus Park

Continuing on with my adventures of Lake County, I decided to explore Lake Zurich.  I heard that they were hosting an Iron Girl competition at their Paulus Park on Rand Road just north of 22 this weekend (June 15, 2013), so I decided to stop in to see what the park looked like.

Paulus Park

The Path to Paulus Park

What a little gem!  Even though it’s conveniently located right off of Rand, this park is tucked behind a lot of lawn space and tall trees, so it feels more like a sea side beach town than a booming metropolis with a Drive-Thru Starbucks and Holiday Inn Express across the street.

The sandy beach looked extremely inviting, and while it was a little chilly for a swim, there were a few people just leaving that had been laying out all day.  They looked fully recharged and reminded me more of vacation goers than your average suburbanite.

Lake Zurich Beach Paulus Park

Lake Zurich Beach Paulus Park

And the park itself (pictured below) is something out of a child’s imagination! We’re talking a bunch of slides, nets to climb on, bell towers to explore, bridges to conquer, ropes to traverse and more!  I wanted to be a five-year-old again so I could explore the wood working adventures that this intricate park offers.  You can be sure that all of my friends with kids will be hearing about how unique and fun this park looks.  (I can only hope that one of their kids will drag me into a game of tag!)

Paulus Park

Paulus Park

I might not know when the next sunny day will happen upon us, but at least I know the spot of sand I’m going to head to when it does.  Until then, I’ll just choose a book and spot in the grass under the shade of a large Maple and get lost in this suburban oasis.

If you go, be sure to share your pictures with us!  #VisitLakeCounty #LakeCountyIllinois

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  1. Maureen Liz July 24, 2014 at 6:05 pm #

    We used to go to Lake Zurich and enjoy the beaches when I was a kid – We would go to Will's Beach, I wonder if this is the old Will's Beach.

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