Guide to Village of Lincolnshire

We have covered a few villages/cities to this point that include Gurnee, Long Grove, Mundelein and Zion. This is your Guide to the Village of Lincolnshire.

The splendid town of Lincolnshire is located between Half Day Road and Milwaukee Avenue.

The area where modern-day Lincolnshire stands was originally inhabited by Potawatomi migrants from Canada and Wisconsin. This Native Americans journeyed south in search of a warmer climate after arriving in modern day Waukegan. These tribal villages stretched along the west bank of the Des Plaines River.

The first European settlers reached the Lincolnshire area: French Jesuit explorers Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet (I’m pretty sure we know where these two gentlemen later founded later on).

Fast forward to post World War I. Edward Ryerson, Adlai Stevenson II, Samuel Insull and Louis Leverone bought most of the land stretching modern day Lincolnshire. Leverone and his company organized a residential subdivision in which the Half Day area was soon donning the name of Lincolnshire in 1955. Although many issues arose with the creation of the town, finally the 1980s there was a boom in the Lake County town as Marriott Lincolnshire Resort and Lincolnshire Corporate Center were created.

The two structures still stand today and play an integral role of the community.

Well besides the notable historical features of Lincolnshire, there were plenty of Stevenson High School alums that came out of the great village. Some of the notable persons representing Lincolnshire include former pro tennis star Andrea Jaeger (who reached the Wimbledon and French Open finals in the 80s, but had her career cut short due to shoulder injuries), former athlete and actor Matt O’Dwyer, Kyle Brandt (media personality, soap star and former MTV Real World star), two-time medalist Robert Berland (two silver medals in Judoka), pro hockey player Megan Bozek (of the Buffalo Beauts) and Jalen Brunson (2015 Mr. Illinois Basketball, IHSA State Champion at Stevenson and NCAA Basketball Champion at Villanova University). Let’s not forget Rex and Rob Ryan (kids of Buddy Ryan – the Defensive Coordinator of the original Monsters of the Midway.

From delicious eats to places for play dates, fantastic festivals, lavish hotels and of course Broadway shows will make your overall experience in Lincolnshire an enjoyable one.

Here is your Guide to the Village of Lincolnshire.


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