KeyLime Cove by: Taylor P. from the Hawthorn Elementary School in Vernon Hills

You should take a real long trip to KeyLime Cove if you need to relax in a hot tub or in the spa. Just throw away your busy weekend and come down to KeyLime Cove. You can relax in the pools, eat their delicious food and hang out in your cozy room or the giant Toucan Suite.

First, you can relax in the lazy river or the hot tub while your kids play in the kids waterpark and get wet. But don’t forget about the older kids, let them go on the slides like the toilet bowl which is orange and yellow. It is like a toilet because you spin round and round then got through a hole and slide back into the lazy river on your tube. If you’re scared then take a friend with on the double tube.

Second, their food comes in different kinds like tropical food or let your kids go get a pizza at Anna Chovy’s pizzeria. Go to the Crazy Toucan if you are in the mood for tropical food and fresh tropical fruit. It is for all ages. I bet that your mouth is watering right this second for KeyLime Cove’s delicious food. So if I’m right, you may have to go to KeyLime Cove to have the food as soon as possible.

Finally, the bedrooms are nice and cozy, but be sure to check out the Toucan Suite. You get two rooms that are even bigger than the regular rooms. You also have two or three flat screen TVs, couches that can be turned into beds and a bathroom for each room.

Remember if you need a break with your family throw away your cell phone in the “give me a break” trash can. Then come on down with your family so you can relax in pools and eat their great food and sleep in their cozy rooms, if you have a big family go to the TOUCAN SUITE!!

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