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Did you know that there are Crayfish in our lakes and rivers? ….Or is it Crawfish?   I guess I should learn considering we’re neighbors.  I recently learned all about them because of the Lake County Forest Preserves blog.  The Lake County Forest Preserves have all kinds of resources about nature in Lake County.

Crayfish tales
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When most adults hear someone mention crayfish, what most likely comes to mind is a culinary dish rooted in the South. However, mention crayfish to a group of Summer Campers at the Lake County Forest Preserves, and you will see eyes light up and hands reach for pond-scooping nets and buckets while their minds contemplate questions of “how big?” and “how many?” During our hikes to the edge of a pond the campers exchange crayfish stories about the best techniques for catching these crustaceans, the size of earlier catches growing the closer we get to the water.

This year at the Lake County Forest Preserves we are celebrating how “Water Connects Lake County” with a variety of programs on this theme. Come search for crayfish at night during our Full Moon Paddle or unearth these crustacean treasures and more at the upcoming Waterfest at Independence Grove. Perhaps you’ll end up with a crayfish tale of your own that rivals those of the Summer Camp kids.


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