Loosen Up With Summer Libations in Lake County

“In the summertime, when the weather is fine,” we loosen up with summer libations in Lake County.

While we do love enjoying all of the coasters, community festivals, boating expeditions, shopping options and bodies of water, we also like to kick back and relax with a cold one.

We make our own here in Lake County. Take your taste buds out for the ride of their life as we recline, relax and loosen up with summer libations in Lake County.

Bosacki’s Home Brew in Mundelein

Summer Libation: Cherry Lager (release on July 19)

Outlook: The Cherry Lager is a crisp finish lager with the subtle background flavor of seasonal cherry. This would make a great compliment to your summer with an ABV of 4.6 percent and IBU of 16.

Buffalo Creek Brewery in Long Grove


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When it’s this hot and humid, you have two choices: go to the beach or actually go to work and sit in a cold office. Clearly, we made the right choice. ☀️🍻☀️ * Please note: no beer was harmed in the making of the photo. All beer was treated fairly, promptly returned to the cooler, and will be consumed immediately. * * #brewing #brewingbeer #chicagocraftbeer #craftbeer #buffalocreekbrewing #craftbeerjunkie #craftbeerpics #craftbeernerd #craftbeerporn #craftbeersnob #craftbeerlove #drinkillinois #enjoylonggrove #chicagoland #drinklocal #instachicago #craftbrewery #chicagobeer #chicagocraftbeer #beer #craftbeerlife #summer #beachday #lakemichagan #instabeer #beerstagram #farmhouseale

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Summer Libation: Farmer’s Illegit Daughter

Outlook: Saisons originated in the Wallonia region of southern Belgium during the 19th century. Meaning ‘season’ in French, Saisons were typically brewed during winter months and stored until summer months when they were given to farm workers as a form of hydration when water wasn’t suitable for drinking. Mike’s Saison is true to nature but brewed all year long.

Copper Fiddle Distillery in Lake Zurich

Summer Libation: Tropical Old Fashioned

Outlook: Everything that you think a drink should have when you’re poolside or ocean side laxing and sippin’ libations. This tropical old fashioned is made with the Copper Fiddle Rum, muddled orange, pineapple, orange bitters, mango juice and ginger beer.

Flesk Brewing Co. in Barrington


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The Beast & The Broadsword – Pineapple Upside Down Milkshake IPA with Pineapple and Cherries – Lovely, pineapple goodness. Thick and sweet. Big fan. Love a milkshake ipa and this might be my favorite of the style. Definitely a dessert beer. – Collab with Lake Zurich Brewing Co. and Flesk Brewing Lake Zurich/Barrington, IL . . . . . . . #fleskbrewing #lakezurichbrewing #chicagobeer #beer #beerreview #craftbeer #craftbeerreview #beerreviewer #beerofinstagram #beerinstagram #beerinsta #dankbeer #dankbeers #goodbeer #beerporn #deliciousbeer #craftbeers #craftbeerpics #craftbeerstagram #beergeek #beerlovers #cheers #hops #beernerd #craftbeerporn #craftbeerlife #beertography #beersofinstagram

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Summer Libation: Beast and the Broadsword

Outlook: Created with Lake Zurich, this pineapple upside down milkshake IPA is 8.3 percent abv. The palette has a pineapple aroma and flavor with big tropical fruit hops with a sweet side and a hint of vanilla.

Glunz Family Winery and Cellars in Grayslake

Summer Libation: de la costa Sangria

Outlook: When you’re active during the summertime, it’s the dream of many (including this author) to enjoy the fruits of vino in a can. Now this dream is a reality as Glunz Family Winery and Cellars have this berry concoction in an aluminum can format! Sangria in a can is a life-saver.

Half Day Brewing Co. in Lincolnshire

Summer Libation: Chieftain Session Ale

Outlook: This session IPA is jam-packed with fruity citrus flavors. A generous amount of wheat adds to your taste bud adventure while it obtains a clean refreshing finish. A firm bitterness rounds out the flavor of this palatable ale. The fan-favorite brew stands at a 4.8 percent.

Harbor Brewing Co. in Winthrop Harbor

Summer Libation: Special K v3

Outlook: Younger sibling to the thicker Special K Milkshake IPA, Harbor Brewing Co., provides cereal/beer lovers with their destiny. This the breakfast treat IPA is brewed with zero boil hops and is packed with Citra and Mosaic hops for an incredible aroma and finish.

Light the Lamp Brewery in Grayslake

Summer Libation: Pineapple Launcher

Outlook: You’re clear for takeoff! Time take a trip back to physics class where you’d launch fruit. The Grayslake brewery presents the Pineapple Launcher which is a double try hopped double IPA. Concocted with an abundance of pineapples and coconut, this libation sits at an eight percent, juicy-hoppy juxtaposition perfect for summer Saturday sips!

Lynfred Winery in Wheeling

Summer Libation: Lynfred Sangria Rouge

Outlook:  Lynfred Sangria Rouge which features red wine blended with cherry, cranberry, raspberry and strawberry wines for a sweet, tart and herbaceous summer sipper.  Oenophiles can add sparkling water and a squeeze of lime to make the ultimate spritzer.

Mickey Finn’s Brewery in Libertyville


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Do you have a favorite beer on our menu? Let us know in the comments!

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Summer Libation: Gudenteit Hef-Weizen

Outlook: The Libertyville brewery’s favorite brew of the vernal equinox months. This German-style ale is brewed with 60 percent wheat malt and 40 percent malted barley. This award-winning suds libation is uniquely highlighted by light fruit, banana, clove and vanilla taste. The Gudenteit Hefe-Weizen, which is 5.5 percent ABV, is best served in a 22 oz glass.

North Shore Distillery in Green Oaks

Summer Libation: Beehive Curaçao

Outlook: The delightful spirit is created with fermented honey that turns into mead. The liqueur is and then distilled with a variety of oranges, spices and herbs. Beehive Curaçao is an exceptional sipping liqueur for the holiday season.

Onion Pub & Brewery in Barrington

Summer Libation:Pineapple Misfit IPA

Outlook: Everyone’s favorite smiling skull IPA got a sweet tooth by popping a little pineapple in the libation for the summer. The Pineapple Misfit IPA, a perfect blend of hop bitterness, aroma, malt body and fruit with the swaggy hairstyle. Watch out because that misfit can kick with some bitterness, but it’s quite pleasant due to the centennial and Citra hops.

Only Child Brewing Co. in Gurnee

Summer Libation: Spirit Animals

Outlook: That unpleasant looking gentleman has a striking resemblance to Nick Offerman…Ron Swanson you say? Never heard of him. The “Parks & Rec”-themed libation obtains a cornucopia of tropical tastes. The array of flavors include pineapple, guava and stonefruit. It’s a double, double, dry, dry, hop, hop (we just like wordplay around here). The Double IPA is an eight percent is also created with kviek yeast, Amarillo, cascade and ekuanot hops.

Ravinia Brewing Co. in Highland Park

Summer Libation: Food Truck Pilsner

Outlook: When you say summer, meals on wheels has created a strong presence around Lake County. The city of Highland Park hosts Food Truck Thursdays through September and Ravinia Brewing is a large part of these pre-weekend parties. They’ve created a drink that symbolizes what needs to be in your tastebuds or just while loosening up on a summer Lake County day. The 4.9 percent abv pilsner is a milder version of the Highland Park brewery’s lager with a biscuity creaminess for a balanced finish. If the bar and their fantastic patio is not your scene (although it should be) you can take a six pack of bottles and/or cans of the delectable libation.

Roaring Table Brewery in Lake Zurich

Summer Libation: As Flies to Wanton Boys

Outlook: This New England IPA is from another galaxy. This brew is loaded with nine pounds of galaxy hops. The notes detected in this seven-percent ABV libation include Citra, passion fruit, candied oranges and spun sugar. A little birdy told us that the Lake Zurich brew house lost some necessary internal organs to acquire the contents, so it’s a must to try out this glass of rare suds.

Tighthead Brewing Co. in Mundelein

Summer Libation: Pitcher of Nectar IPA

Outlook: The Mundelein brewhouse just released the Pitcher of Nectar in can format today (July 12). The New England IPA stands at a 7.3 percent ABV. You’ll definitely get the Georgia/Southern hospitality feel as you dip your taste buds into a frothy peach beverage.

Valentino Vineyards in Long Grove

Summer Libation: Valentino White Port 2014

Outlook: Their white vino has a beautiful deep golden color and has an aromatic bouquet. This sweet dessert wine is barrel-aged for four years. It pairs exceptionally with fruits, cheeses, chocolate dipped strawberries, cheesecake or just a nice glass by itself. The port tastes great chilled or at room temperature.

Vigneto del Bino Winery in Antioch

Summer Libation: Summer Shanty

Outlook: The Summer Shanty is a unique white wine made from the Somerset table grape. This white vino has earthy aromas with a finish of strawberry and a hint of grapefruit.

Wright’s Brew & Bistro inside Lincolnshire Marriott Resort

Summer Libation: Wright’s Honey Ale

Outlook: Brewed in collaboration with the Tighthead Brewery Co., this cream ale is made with honey produced on-site at the resort. The name comes from Lake County’s first non-native settler, Daniel Wright, who lived in a house near the corner of Aptakisic and Milwaukee Avenue. Pilsner malt provides a grainy sweetness while the honey provides easily fermentable sugars that help dry out the beer, leaving a crisp, refreshing light beer with subtle floral notes. Enjoy this beer with sunny Summer afternoons and good times with good friends.

Zumbier Brewery in Waukegan

Summer Libation: Bramble On!

This sour brew at the Waukegan facility contains raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. The libation is named Bramble On! after the vine of blackberry and those of the wild shrub and rose family.

For more information on the Lake County Libation Trail and how to loosen up with summer libations in Lake County, continue here.

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