Spring Into High Gear! Bike Rides in Lake County

Illinois State Beach

Spring time weather is calling our names and we’re ready to answer! It’s time to dust off our bikes, fill up those tires, and get going!  With over 168 miles of trails that wind through stunning natural environments, Lake County is a favorite spot for bikers of all skill level!

Find the right trail for you with these helpful tools:

Some Trail Suggestions?
For the Family:  Independence Grove in Libertyville
This preserve has it all!  Biking, swimming, fishing and even canoe and paddleboard rentals.  Open daily from 6:30 a.m. to sunset, the path winds around beautiful lakes, prairie and woodlands.  The preserve offers about 6.25 miles of trails including 2.3 miles of a crushed granite surface and 2.5 miles of a paved surface.  Parking for Lake County residents is $5 per day, and for $10 for non-residents.  You can even rent a bike if you don’t want to haul yours in!

For the Nature:  Chain O’Lakes State Park
The Chain O’Lakes is a beautiful place to be in the springtime!  The trails are stunning and there’s plenty of interesting sights and stunning views.  There is ample parking, and don’t be surprised if you see a friendly neighbor enjoying the views from the back of a horse.  *Remember that bikers yield to horses!  Take in the nature around you in this state park as you enjoy a 6 mile biking and hiking trail that can be accessed at any picnic area between the concession stand and the park office.

For the Workout:  Des Plaines River Trail
The Des Plaines River Trail runs the whole length of Lake County, and you can actually take it from Cook County, all the way North into Wisconsin!  From North to South, you can start at Russell Rd., on the northern border of Illinois, and bike south through twisting and winding trails that run along the Des Plaines River.  You’ll pass a bunch of Forest Preserves along the way like the Wadsworth Savanna, Sedge Meadow, Independence Grove, Old School Forest Preserve, Half Day Preserve, the Ryerson Conservation Area and more!  See Full Map of Trail Here

For the Lake Michigan Views: Fort Sheridan
The Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve has more than just beautiful views of the bluffs that overlook Lake Michigan, it’s also an Illinois Historic Landmark that was originally used as an Army base from 1887-1993.  Enjoy a scenic 1.3 mile bike ride on a smooth asphalt surface that runs from Sheridan Rd., to Lake Michigan.

Tips:  Here are some Rules of the Trails to Follow
Trail Courtesy
Since bicyclists share our many multipurpose trails with others who want to enjoy the outdoors, please follow these rules of common sense and courtesy:

Ride on the Right!

  • Pass on the left and alert others in advance when passing from behind.
  • Control your speed at all times and be prepared to slow down when approaching other trail users.
  • Use additional caution when around horses.
  • Keep on marked trails.
  • Remember that bicycles should yield to horses, hikers and cross-country skiers.

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  1. wendy May 31, 2014 at 8:13 am #

    You have a typo for the dates of ft sheridan, it should be from 1887 not 1987

    • lc_admin June 2, 2014 at 2:26 pm #

      Fixed! Thanks, Wendy!

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