2016 Readers’ Choice Daily Herald Top Picks of Lake County

The Daily Herald recently released their annual Readers’ Choice Top Picks, and Lake County is represented well. Many different restaurants, venues, trails and a slew of other categories received accolades in this edition. Some of the big winners included Village Tavern in Long Grove, Austin’s in Libertyville, Primo in Gurnee and the Village of Wauconda […]

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Tasty Tuesday: National Pancake Day in Lake County

Who doesn’t enjoy a buttery, fluffy, syrupy stack of flippin’ flapjacks? Today is National Pancake Day, so you should indulge your taste buds in Lake County. It’s interesting, because everyone has their own rendition of this sweet breakfast treat. There’s versions of pancakes in each continent (with I think the exception is Antarctica). Pancakes are […]

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Wildberry Ranks in Top 21 Pancakes in America

Breakfast is good for any meal. Sure we don’t always have the time to eat on our morning commutes, but pancakes with maple syrup, scrambled eggs and bacon is my go-to for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. created a list to salute those responsible in producing those delectable brown-battered discs stacked as high as […]

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