Top 5 Eats You Must Devour at the 91st Annual Lake County Fair

Tis the season to eat fair fare!

The 91st annual Lake County Fair begins today and runs Wednesday-Sunday, July 24-July 28. You’re never too far from savory eats at the yearly event.


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The aromas waft through the air as your nose smells hints of mouth-watering funnel cakes to the beef of the foot-long corn dogs to the delicious popcorn to the candy apples and so much more. Your taste buds will thank you for this trip to Grayslake.

Treat your belly to the top 5 eats you must devour at the 91st annual Lake County Fair.

Anderson’s Candy Shop

You can’t take a trip through the fictional Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory in real life, but Anderson’s Candy Shop is the next best thing. The Richmond/Barrington-based shop has produced quality fudges, caramels, truffles and chocolate candies for four generations. Anderson’s Candy Shop was named among the best candy makers in North America by sources like the L.A. Times and Consumer’s Digest.

Helen & Sons

If you’ve never tasted Helen & Sons Old Fashioned Copper Kettle Fudge and Salt Water Taffy, you haven’t lived yet. These treats have been featured at the fair inside the expo center for 51 of the 90 years of the Lake County Fair’s existence. The fudges and taffy are made fresh for consumers daily.

Wonder Stick

Who would’ve thought a cone of ice cream could be gluten-free?? This “J” shaped sweet-treat is a large cone filled with soft-serve ice cream. The dessert item comes in several different flavors but you can’t-miss with original and cinnamon. Even with the steamy Lake County weather, you don’t have to worry about beating the biological clock of the ice cream. There’s no drip! Plus, they’re made fresh. “The first cone that’s better than the ice cream is the soft-served dessert with a crunch. They’re essentially churros filled with ice cream.

Angry Bull Sub Zero Dessert Co.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, what in the world are puffle cones and nitro puffs? One moment you’ll see it, the next you won’t. The Kansas City-based ice cream company is making their first apperance at the 91st annual Lake County Fair. This frozen dessert establishment creates dry ice-like bites where you will place the sweet treat in your mouth and it will disappear into thin air (it literally looks as if you’re vaping). Try them now, before they vanish at the Grayslake event.

Jammin’ Concessions

Jammin Confessions is a Waukegan-based food truck provides fantastic options like Philly cheesesteak, cheeseburgers and hot dogs. However, the main event of this Lake County is gator on a stick. The reptilian treat is exactly what you think it is – a fried alligator on a spit. Take your taste buds on an expedition of flavor and for many, the unknown. That’ll teach old Chance the Snapper for sneaking into Illinois again.

Honorable Mention: Top 5 Eats You Must Devour at the 91st Annual Lake County Fair


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Went for the food🍦& the laughs

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Don’t limit yourself to the aforementioned five goodies. Make sure you try everything! Here are a few other divine bites and drinks offered at the 91st

  • Tommy’s Turkey Leg
  • Tamales Diane of Mundelein: Mexican Cuisine – Tacos, tortas, burritos, spoes, huraches and more
  • Delicja’s: Polish Cuisine – Potato cheese, potato pancakes, kraut, kraut mushroom, sweet cheese mushroom, fruit pierogis and cheese blintzes.
  • Brothers BBQ: Rib tips, rib sandwiches, pulled pork, shrimp, catfish, slaw, baked beans and more (don’t forget to douse the ensemble with Grandma’s Famous BBQ Sauce).
  • Wisconsin Cheese
  • Funnel Cakes

To learn more about the top 5 things you can’t miss at the 91st annual Lake County Fair, continue here or here. To learn about more Lake County fare, click here.

Bon Appétit Lake County!

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