Top 5 Foods You Must Eat at the Lake County Fair

Where’s the best opportunity for you to get more bang for your bite? That’s easy:
lcf The 88th Annual Lake County Fair is rapidly approaching.

Shortly you will receive an extensive guide of the Lake County Fair.

From the smells of the sweet deserts of funnel cakes, to the beef of the foot long corndogs, to the delectable sweet corn to the candy apples, at the Lake County Fair you’re never too far from food. Tis the season to fill your belly.

Here is the top five fare you must eat at the Lake County Fair.

  1. 13754213_1457479424278199_4310438415835566981_nWell first things first – we have a slew of new restaurants joining the celebratory occasion. Local eats bringing a little taste to the fair. From Cajun to BBQ, steak to lobster and that unbelievably mouthwatering picture of loaded nachos are all at your disposal. The top photo is from Crescent City Cajun: a New Orleans Kitchen in McHenry, Pictures L-R: Brisket and sausage sandwich topped with coleslaw and barbecued beans from BBQ’d Productions in Grayslake, Lobster sliders from Happy Lobster Truck and Italian beef sandwich from Ba Da Bing Beef Company. Also new to the party is Lone Star Steakhouse, Bon Temps, Tamales Diana, Urban Kettle (which we’ll talk about later) and Y Birrieria Cabrito.
  1. fair-food-2You can’t take a trip through the fictional Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but Anderson’s Candy Shop is the next best thing. The Richmond/Barrington, Illinois-based shop has been making quality fudges, caramels, truffles and chocolate candies for four generations. They’ve been named among the best candy makers in the U.S. and North America by sources like the L.A. Times and Consumer’s Digest.welcome
  1. Wisconsin Cheese will be in attendance. Check their cheesecyclopedia.
    Wisconsin’s unique cheese making heritage has produced exceptional cheese for more than 160 years. Cheesemakers have long praised the state’s elements as perfect ingredients for producing superior milk and, of course, non-steroid or preservative used cheese. Today, third- and fourth-generation cheesemakers are continuing old-world traditions and setting new standards in cheese making craftsmanship and artistry. The state’s 13001137_1003842996337040_2721349027145661007_n1,200 cheesemakers produce more than 600 varieties, types and styles of cheese.
  2. Before we get to the delicious sweets, there are just as delectable snacks – like Urban Kettle‘s artisan kettle corn from Beach Park. They’re non-GMO and poppin up everywhere. Besides these appetizing appetizers there are curly fries, foot long corn dogs and so much more – but don’t worry. The wait is almost over – tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow. It’s only a day away.
  1. The Lake County Fair is renowned for its funnel cakes, Sweet corn, foot long corn dogs,funnel-cakes candy apples, fried Oreos, pies (keep a little bit of room in your tummy if you plan on competing in the pie eating contest), curly fries, snow cones and freshly squeezed lemonade. They are staples at the fair, and also  a way to top off this list of gourmet goodness.

The Lake County Fair is located at 1060 E. Peterson Rd, Grayslake and runs from Wednesday, July 27-Sunday, July 31.

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  1. Kathleen Tiffin August 1, 2016 at 11:47 am #

    Brisket and sausage sandwich topped with coleslaw and barbecued beans from BBQ’d Productions in Grayslake == everytime I have something like this from BBQd Productions, it tastes even more sensational that the last time!!! How can this be??? My taste buds explode with happiness. Try the “Loaded French Fries” if they are selling them at the fair, or be sure to go to the restaurant and try them there. They are a great appetizer or a meal.

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