Top 5 October Shows in Lake County

IT’s too bad that Lin-Manuel Miranda didn’t bring Hamilton up to Lake County, but it is showing downtown in Chicago.

Why not make it an entire theatre weekend? The top 5 October shows in Lake County are all gems.

You can see fantastic Broadway shows in Lake County at different venues like Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre, Citadel Theatre, PM&L Theatre, Three Brothers and so many more.

Plus you get a little bit of Halloween taste in your pallet with some of these live action flicks.

So lets show Lin-Manuel Miranda where to bring his next musical – right here in our area as we list off the top 5 October shows in Lake County.

Top 5 October Shows in Lake County

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
how-to-succeed-in-business-without-really-tryingMarriott Theatre
Currently showing through October 16

Isn’t that everyone’s dream; to succeed without actually doing anything? This Lincolnshire theatre shows you the way as you follow the rise of the show’s protagonist J. Pierrepont Finch. Finch is a window washer that gets a job at a major corporation. Finch climbs his way up the corporate ladder starting at mail room and gets promoted to chairman of the board in two weeks. This 1961 show won numerous awards including eight Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize. Hollywood royalty such as Matthew Broderick, Robert Morse and Charles Nelson Reilly all appeared in its Broadway performances.

The Birds
Citadel Theatre
Currently showing through October 30

The Birds at the Citadel TheatreEveryone remembers the terrifying Alfred Hitchcock film, The Birds – which is an adaptation of the short story by Daphne Du Maurier. Tis the season to be spooked at the Citadel Theatre as the Lake Forest theatre gives you the live version of the movie. Take a journey through the unsettling look at human relationships in the face of societal collapse. Watch relentless birds take on the show’s protagonists Nat, Diane and Julie as they flee for shelter. The show runs till Sunday, October 30.


The Last Man on Earth
Three Brothers Theatre
October 7-October 29; 8 p.m.The Last Man on Earth at the Three Brother's Theatre

This is not only based on the 1964 AlfredH Hitchcock-like film starring Vincent Price (which I can’t get Vincent Price’s voice out of my head from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video when Price says ‘Ghouls are coming to ya’lls neighborhood’), but also there was another film in 1924 and in 2011. Let’s not forget about the I am Legend 1954 novel by Richard Matheson book it was roughly based off of as well. Well it’s all of the vampire-esk creepiness for the Halloween season. Since the world a pandemic of the plague, creatures now roam the streets are nothing like their human selves and in order to survive the protagonist must protect himself at all costs. During the day, he hunts them and scavenges for food. But during the night, he locks himself inside his home where there are just as many demons inside as there are outside.

PM&L Theatre Presents Aresenic & Old Lace
PM&L Theatre in Antioch
PM&L Theatre Presents Arsenic & Old LaceWeekends; October 28-November 13

Nothing like a play about poison and doyles, right? Wait a tick, that sounds like murder! Arsenic & Old Lace is based on the classic dark comedy by Joseph Kesselring. One of the most popular plays of all time. This is a must see comedy hit. Performances are Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday matinees.

Singin in the Rain
Marriott Theatre
October 26-December 31

Singin' in The RainWho doesn’t love that classic with Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and DOnald O’Connor. I know it’s my father’s favorite movie ever and it’s even better in the interactive mode being live on stage.  The story follows three silent-film stars trying to make the transition from to the ‘talkie’ big screen. The movie iself if you didn’t know is ranked in the top 10 on pretty much every major film category and is preserved in the U.S. Library of Congress in the National Film Registry. Marriott Theatre always knows how to pay tribute to classic and there is no doubt they will deliver again!

To see more about the top 5 October shows in Lake County and a plethora of others, continue here. 

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