Under a Year Left to Visit Old Mickey Finn’s

If you live in or near Libertyville, chances are that you’ve heard of Mickey Finn’s Brewery. Upon visiting, you would quickly find that this quaint bi-level brewery/restaurant/concert venue has everything you could ask for in a weekend hangout spot. For such a nice and well known local staple, I was surprised to find out that this location will be no more in late 2013.

However, the expression that change can be good seems to apply in this situation. Mickey Finn’s has enjoyed the same location in downtown Libertyville on Milwaukee Ave since 1994, but demand has exceeded capacity. Attempting to park in the rear lot alone can demonstrate this. There is no need to fear the change of location as it pertains to distance either because Mickey Finns II will be located walking distance just south of its current location on the opposite side of Milwaukee Ave.

For a brewery that already feels comfortable, hip and clean, Mickey Finns promises that its reincarnation will be bigger and better. Beyond more square footage, MFII will feature a larger parking lot, bigger brewery, and nicer bathrooms. Will the picturesque atmosphere change at the larger and newer location? We will find out soon enough and I’m definitely curious to see how they will utilize the additional space.

I would highly recommend visiting the original location while you still can. Construction on Mickey Finn’s II begins next month!

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