Clydesdales Trot to Lambs Farm

Lake County visitors had a good reason to gallop over to Lambs Farm this past weekend.

Lambs Farm is a nonprofit organization that has expanded into a 72-acre campus that provides residential and meaningful vocational services to more than 250 individuals with developmental disabilities every year. Its businesses and attractions include Lambs Industries, a farmyard, Cedar Chest Thrift Shop, Sugar Maple Country Store, Magnolia Café & Bakery, and Dogwood Pet Shop & Boutique.

From May 14 through May 21, Lambs Farm hosted some of the country’s most beloved horses – the Budweiser Clydesdales!  Visitors could see the nearly 2,000 pound horses outside the farmyard area, and Lambs Farm hosted a parade for a more close-up experience on May 18.

For young visitors, the farmyard is a favorite attraction, which is open daily from 10 am until 5 pm.  In addition to face-to-face encounters with farm animals and a petting area, the farmyard offers other attractions, including a miniature train ride, carousel, miniature golf, and a bounce house.  Admission prices are available here.

In addition to the Clydesdales, Lambs Farm hosted Train Days on May 18 and 19, offering children and opportunity to participate in train-related activities and view model railroads from the Valley Model Railroad Association.

Lambs Farm is located at 14245 W. Rockland Road in Libertyville, just east of I-94.  For more information on Lambs Farm’s businesses and attractions, visit their website.  Upcoming events include the Lambs Farm Charity Car & Bike Show on June 1 and a Father’s Day Brunch on June 16.

Don’t worry – the snack bar has better offerings than hay and carrots.

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